There are four simple steps to get you out and shooting with your camera. We’ve created a short and simple video for each step so that you can quickly understand them. You can view these below:

  1. Open It Up
  2. Install Film
  3. Shoot
  4. Rewind

01. Open it up

How to open up your camera in order to load film or change modules.

02. Install Film

How to fit film into your camera and get ready to shoot.

03. Shoot

Once your favourite film is inside its time to take some great images!

To know how long to open the shutter for (exposure time) you can use a light meter app or device. You will need to input the following figures:

  • F Stop for the standard camera setup = 112
  • The ISO of the film you are using. This is up to you. We would recommend ISO of 100-200 when using the cameras in daylight

For more detailed specification please visit this page.

04. Rewind

Once you have finished you film it is time to rewind.

Use the Rewinder knob (‘-‘ shape) to wind the film fully back inside its canister. You should feel the winder stiffen up when you are fully rewound. However if you are not sure you can try winding forward (‘+’ shape) a couple of clicks and then back again. Your film should now be safely stored inside the canister.

At this point stop winding and follow the steps in the video below to open up the camera again. Once the camera is open you can remove the tape from the film and pull it out from the frame module.