Finite Industries produce modular, low impact pinhole cameras. Combine different modules to build cameras with unique capabilities. With this creative freedom you can make the images that you want.

We have designed our cameras so that they can be fully disassembled. This means that any part can be replaced if necessary, and all materials can be recovered and reused at the end of their life. We use recycled materials where possible to make the camera parts.

We have two sizes of camera:

  • fi35 – a camera for 35mm film. This is available to buy from our online shop
  • fi120 – a camera for 120 & 35mm film. We are currently testing prototypes of this camera. You can join our mailing list to follow the journey of developing this model

So how does it work?

The Finite Industries cameras are constructed of several modules which are connected securely and simply together and can be interchanged to build a camera to suit your ideas.

It’s simple: a body + a pinhole + a frame = your camera!

Level Up

The camera body features a bubble level on top and a 1/4″ standard tripod mount on the bottom as well as frame indicator lines. This makes lining up your shots simple.


An in-built clicker means you can advance your film by the correct distance between each exposure. Count down your exposures using the counter so you’ll know how many shots you have left.

By combining different pinhole and frame modules with a camera body different images can be made. Scroll to see some example combinations together with the type of images which they can be used to create.

Double Up

Standard fixings and a symmetrical design mean that you can fit two pinholes to one body. This allows images to be made through the front or rear of the film. Or you can experiment with double exposures made through both sides of the film!

Change the frame

The standard frame module has two different frame sizes. Fit it one way for 6×4 (24x36mm) images. Flip it over and you have full height (35x36mm) images which will show the sprocket holes of your film.


Combine the twin pinhole and twin frame modules to give two images in one 6×4 photograph. That means up to 72 images on one 35mm film and the opportunity to create intriguing image pairings!

Play With Perspective

With the twin pinhole and standard frame the pinhole is offset from the centre of the negative. Use this combination to distort perspective. The pinhole module can be fitted in four positions meaning you can choose a horizontal or vertical offset.

Paint It Red

Symmetrical design means that you can fit the pinhole module on either side of the body. This makes it easy to shoot redscale images through the back of colour film. If you fit two pinholes you can choose normal colour or redscale for each image on the film.

Keep It Simple

Combine the standard pinhole and frame modules with the body and head out to take beautiful pinhole photographs!


The camera body includes strap loops, spirit level, 1/4″ tripod mount and frame guides. It can be accessorised with a strap and film indicator.

Coming Soon…

More modules are currently in development (panorama or curved film plane anyone?!). Join our mailing list to for regular updates on new modules or get in touch if there is a module you’d love to see!